Erebus - LMCTF 5.21 Server

Erebus was Clan Pathetic and Totally Harmless' (PTH) and Pathetic and Completely Harmless' (PCH) Home server. Some members of the clan worked at an ISP in Omaha and so scored (or assumed) the right to colocate on a 4.5Mb uplink, and later on a 15Mb uplink. This made PTH happy as at least 3 members had a direct DS1 from the colocation center to their home. The first Erebus may or may not have been aquired from surplus equipment at a certain telemarketing firm in Omaha. In its final incarnation was a dual-celeron 300Mhz overclocked to 466Mhz. It currently is running on a small cloud server which should be at least many times as powerful as the original.

Erebus is running LMCTF TE 5.2 on r1q2-b7587, with q2admin 1.17.52. 

This Server brought to you by raVen, and supported by contributions from Jivc, Sephiroth, RepoMan, Catalyst, Riddla, Seedless, Silk, Yertle, Scratchy, Alienkiller, Suckmonkey, Incubus, Uwantem, Nataq, ZestFullyClean, and Jack Horner. You can help too! Donate via paypal to

Connect to Erebus at:

There are two match servers in place as well, please contact: for usage.

Clients: You can use the standard 3.2 Quake2 client, however there is a replacement client
(and server if you are interested) at R1CH.NET (throwing 403 errors at this time, see below). This client has some lag munching optimizations that may help you out.

The following maps are live on Erebus and can be voted by typing:

vote gamemap 

at the console.

  • lmctf01, lmctf02a, lmctf03, lmctf04, lmctf05b, lmctf06 - lmctf47
  • xmap01 - xmap30, xmap07a, xmap11a
  • q2ctf1 - q2ctf8
  • tomb01 - tomb05
  • mactf01 - mactf06
  • tw2ctf2 - tw2ctf4, tw2ctf8
  • as2m1, as2m3
  • rtctf1, rtctf2
  • sctf6
  • smap02 - smap53 (smap01 is now rescaled as samurai)

Please see the wiki link from related links for map descriptions.


Threewave CTF 1.5
Seedless' map pack with updated XMaps and ACME maps

q2lmctfmaps2012 - This mappak includes:

lmctf31 = lmctfreunion by Nataq
lmctf32 = solar pillars remake by suckmonkey
lmctf33 = rocky rails remake by suckmonkey
lmctf34 = old forts remake by suckmonkey
lmctf35 = the cauldron by suckmonkey
lmctf36 = chilly's base remake by suckmonkey
lmctf37 = gunslingers by Nataq
lmctf38 = the rage ctf by suckmonkey
lmctf39 = bletey's blues remake by suckmonkey
lmctf40 = the chastity belt ctf by suckmonkey
lmctf41 = lmairline by Nataq
lmctf42 = versus by Nataq
lmctf43 = midnight minions by Jabberwock
lmctf44 = samurai castles remake by Nataq
lmctf45 = re-enchanted kingdom by suckmonkey
lmctf46 = warehouses by Jivc
lmctf47 = ritual by Nataq

lmctf02a = reworked version for r1q2 server compatibility
lmctf05b = reworked version for r1q2 server compatibility
smap31a = reworked version for r1q2 server compatibility

r1q2 Windows Client v7904